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WHAT carnivore doesn't like apple pie, cinnamon buns, or chocolate chip cookies? Easy to make those vegetarian for SURE!!! And you can make them hidden with Omega 3 for the brain, fiber, and other wholesome nutrients.

There are THREE ways to eat vegetarian.

1. Plant based whole foods in their most natural form, low sugar, low fat, simple dishes.

2. Substitutions, that is substituting vegetarian options for chicken, beef, cheese, etc. either purchased or home made and

3. a combo of the two ... more on all this here

FOR full flavor recipes that mimic our childhood foods with a hint of health. Cooking your favorite dishes - vegetarian style THAT is what this website is all about! Gluten Free Cooking visit our sister site - Let's Cook Gluten Free.

We have hundreds of recipes in our cookbooks and many other them FREE online.

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